Character: We develop Characters and Story Frameworks for brands.

The Story Framework Report

The Story Framework™ Report expresses our recommendations for the story of the brand.

Key elements include

  • An analysis of the product category in terms of the common human themes that underlie it—the conflicts that give the category vitality from a story perspective.
  • A look at the role key brands are playing in the overall category story and the opportunities and issues this presents.
  • A summary of the brand’s history and what is universal and timeless in its story.
  • An articulation of the brand’s objective, how this objective connects to consumers and how it can be expressed through the brand’s story moving forward.
  • A recommendation on how the product should connect to the brand story and how product news should be treated in the overall story.
  • Organizing principles upon which to base all brand communications.

The Story Framework™ Report is designed to convey a clear sense of what the brand means to everyone involved in marketing it, helping to ensure that every expression of the brand builds the larger brand story.