Character: We develop Characters and Story Frameworks for brands.
Phil Incorvia

Phil Incorvia is the improviser for Character and has been with us for over a decade. Originally trained as an anthropologist at Grinnell College in Iowa, he brings a diverse background, merging his past lives as a fine-dining chef and baker, a bike mechanic, and a student of Yoshinkan Aikido to inform his performances and provide a broad perspective to our work.

Phil has been improvising both on- and off-stage for over twenty-five years and has performed with and directed ensembles of all sizes, as well as launching two successful solo improvised shows which have toured to numerous festivals in the US and Canada.

Phil is a founder of Happy Improv Fun Time, a high-level improv training center in Portland, Oregon that brings the improv “toolbox” to clients in order to help them meet challenges around collaboration, communication, creativity and conflict. Phil's deep experience with improvisation aligns powerfully with Character’s focus on uncovering our clients’ story frameworks.

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