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Kevin Burke

Kevin Burke writes for Character.

Kevin’s first professional work was on a tennis court—although sadly, not as a player. In high school and college, Kevin swept, washed and squeegeed private tennis courts to make a living. In addition to giving him lots of time to think about stories, his work on the courts taught him an important lesson: Finding what one loves to do and then managing to do it for a living is critical to happiness. Since cleaning tennis courts wasn’t cutting it, Kevin moved on, heading off to Bard College for a degree in film.

In 1992, pursuing a living doing what he loved, Kevin became the associate editor at Film Threat, a magazine about independent film. For the next several years Kevin experienced the world of story from the perspective of a journalist, editing magazines and freelancing for such publications as Wired and David Eggers’s Might. Concluding this “journalistic” period, Kevin sold a pitch for a book to St. Martin’s Press about one of his other great loves—Saturday morning cartoons.

While writing Saturday Morning Fever, published in 1999, Kevin pursued his love of story to become a story editor for A Band Apart, Quentin Tarantino’s production company. This led to a “development” period in which he also worked with Danny DeVito’s Jersey Films. Kevin gained experience in feature film development, music videos, commercials and other areas of entertainment that seemed destined to keep him in Hollywood for the rest of his life. Except for that darned lesson about happiness.

In 2004, Kevin and his wife, screenwriter Holly Brix, discovered that they were expecting a baby—and used the upcoming birth as an excuse to leave Los Angeles for the much greener pastures of Oregon.

Kevin now happily employs his diverse skills in story and entertainment, as well as the life lesson learned with squeegee in hand, as a writer for Character.

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