Character: We develop Characters and Story Frameworks for brands.

The Character Report:

The Character Report:

  • Applies the lens of characterization and storytelling to an analysis of the current state of the brand and the brand character.

  • Defines the essence of the brand and the brand character and outlines the connection between the two.

  • Profiles the brand character in detail: distinct personality traits and individual mission, as well as the vulnerabilities that can give rise to engaging stories.

  • Describes the character’s world and how the character relates to it.

  • Recommends how the character should look, sound, move, feel, behave and interact with others to best communicate the essence of the brand.

  • Provides guidelines for evolving the character to keep it relevant to the brand’s primary audience.

  • Suggests ways the character can be used to tell the brand story beyond traditional advertising media.

  • Establishes principles for the brand to stay “in character” in how it behaves, including ways in which the character can serve as a “conscience” for the brand when making future decisions, such as line extensions, alliances and competitive responses.