Character: We develop Characters and Story Frameworks for brands.

Story Analysis

Articulating the Story Strategy for a brand reveals the path to expressing the brand’s equity through story.

A story has two principal components: story telling and story strategy. Story telling consists of all the specific ways to express the story, while story framework articulates the intended meaning of the story—what it’s about. Articulating a story strategy is essential in ongoing story forms like television series and brand communications, where the story has to evolve over time and accommodate many different tellers.

The Story Framework™ approach to story strategy for a brand addresses the foundational questions at the root of its story: Over and above making money for its shareholders, what does the brand want? What are sources of its uniqueness? What are the underlying conflicts that make its story engaging? And what is the deeper human truth that connects the story of the brand to something that an audience can identify with on an emotional level?

The Story Framework™ process includes

  • Looking at the consumer experience of the product category from a story perspective and articulating the role major brands are playing in the category story.
  • Examining the brand’s history to identify the key themes and underlying conflicts that make it unique.
  • Clarifying the brand’s objective—what it exists in the world to do.
  • Identifying the central human truth behind the brand—what is universal and timeless in its story.
  • Articulating the role of key product attributes in the brand story.
  • Recommending story-based principles for expressing the brand in packaging, product design, advertising, Internet and entertainment.