Character: We develop Characters and Story Frameworks for brands.

What Our Clients Say

“The process has been fascinating, and the conclusions are spot on. We have hit on something that really makes sense, and it is going to be breakthrough for the brand.”

Mary Dillon, Global Chief Marketing Officer

“The model we solidified with you, and the brand character it helped us develop, have caught on here in a big way. We regard the time we spent with your team in Portland as a critical part of our brand positioning process.”

Tony Rogers, US Chief Marketing Officer

“First of all, you guys are fast. Never in 15 years have I experienced a process that delivered such a fresh perspective—and one that we could actually use—in just three days. Second, and more important, acknowledging the value of story gave my team permission to stretch. A massive, iconic brand like Cheerios can be very intimidating. Working with you gave my team a sense of possibility and hope, courage and confidence.”

Ann Simonds, Chief Marketing Officer General Mills

“Character Camp really allowed (forced) us to do a deep dive into what makes our brand a brand. In doing so, we not only got to the major issues with our character, but it helped clarify what the brand is all about in a way I hadn’t seen before. I see the results impacting a lot more than the character ultimately.

The holistic approach was truly unique. Using acting / storytelling to get to a brand essence in such an integrated way was fascinating—not the usual ‘pretend you’re a piece of furniture’ stuff.”

Blake Glenn, Brand Manager Cadbury Adams, USA Cadbury Schweppes, Americas Confectionery

“I’ve been with Unilever for some 28 years and attended numerous marketing strategy workshops. But the one led by the Character guys was the most powerful. I Iearned a great deal about the art of character building, but what I didn’t expect was to gain so much insight about branding and consumers in general.”

Geoff Wilson, VP Marketing, Unilever Asia (Ice Cream) and International Brand Director

“Character Camp is notably free of PPT and data, which is unique and fresh. It uses the science of story development to focus us on elements of the brand that don’t occur in other offsites. Your team truly does an amazing job of putting the story together in a short amount of time.”

Julie Roehm, SVP Communications Walmart

“Just some feedback, the team here are raving about you guys— the best consultants they’ve ever worked with and the best money they’ve ever spent. Couldn’t believe how you guys could so quickly crystallize the issues and move them forward.”

Mark Buckman, CEO McCann Australia

“Creating story and understanding the conflict within the Tostitos brand has helped unleash our advertising agency and has given clarity and focus to our R&D efforts. This process brought to the surface an insight into our brand and the consumer and showed us how to activate it.”

Joe Ennen, VP Marketing Frito-Lay

“I think that your approach to character provides a strategic framework that is very liberating. By knowing the key elements that make a character engaging to an audience, one gets more conscious of what to do and not to do with the character—which ultimately opens up more possibilities.”

Mathilde Delhoume, Director Advertising Development Global Baby Care Procter & Gamble